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Kangana Ranaut Gets Inspired by Sadguru’s 8-Day Session on Meditation & Yoga; Check Out the impact

Kangana Ranaut reflects on her time at the Isha Foundation for an eight-day Yoga camp with Sadhguru. This actress is one of the most established actresses in the nation. This national award-winning actress spent eight days at a yoga and meditation camp that was life-changing for her. Moreover, she claims to have found, Shiva, a Hindu God, within her. She shares the other experiences that have profoundly positively impacted her, by the guidance of Sadhguru

Kangana Ranaut opens up on her early life and struggles

She opened up about her struggles in her early life. Growing up in Himachal Pradesh, she was not a very ambitious person. In her early life and childhood, she faced a lot of difficulties in her life. Then, as she became an actress, initially she found validation in all the acclaim and attention. However, after a point she stopped caring and became fearless with fame, putting her career in jeopardy.

Kangana Ranaut’s intense yoga experience

She was first introduced to this through a book on Inner Engineering by Sadhguru, where he talks about the seven steps to achieve mental peace. Later, she went to meet Sadhguru who influenced her to try her hand at Shambhavi Kriya, an intense meditation practice. Post this session, she revealed she felt extremely light as a person. Sadhguru also encouraged her to try Samyama, the highest level of course there is. However, the actress started with Shambhavi and later on moved to other levels such as Shoonya and Shakti Chalana, before starting Samyama Kriya.

Samayama Kriya

After the Samyama Kriya, she said, “Before this, Shiva as a dimension was something that I could mentally understand. But after Samyama, he unleashed Shiva in me; he has become my breath. I could tell that this is what was missing for me”


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