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Health Tips: Want to unwind? Try these 6 Yoga asanas to destress

Health Tips: In a disease-stricken world and with so many health hazards looming around every now and then, people are now becoming more vigilant about their well-being. Mental health is becoming more and more compromised these days in a wide range of people around the globe. If you want to stay healthy and fit the traditional way, the best thing to do is to adopt Yoga in your schedule. There are 6 basic asanas in particular that can take away your stress in a jiffy.

Health tips by the way of Yoga

Get rid of your backache with the cat and cow stretch (Marjariyaasana)

This unique posture is a combination of two Yoga asanas, the bitilasana and marjari asana. It helps you stretch your spine effectively to its limit, relaxing your entire back muscles and relieving you of all the pain and stiffness. This asana can also be performed by pregnant mothers who suffer from constant back aches.

Aid your gut while sitting in half spinal twist posture (Matsyendrasana)

They say that a healthy digestive system is the key to all health problems. It’s true that most of the stress and anxiety in our mind arises due to bad digestion. Performing this Yoga asana will help you improve your digestion and take away all the unnecessary stress from your mind. The posture is practiced by expert yogis to keep their stomach and liver in check.

Control your emotions with the Cobbler’s pose (Baddha Konasana)

When we leave our emotions uncontrolled, they start controlling us in turn. If you are someone who cannot keep his/her emotions in check, this posture is for you. You can practice sitting in this simple pose daily under the guidance of an expert if you do not have knee pain. If practiced correctly, the posture can set free stored emotions inside your mind.

Release tension from your mind by stretching your legs up a wall (Vipreetkarni)

This is a very simple asana that can be performed by anyone. It is very good for releasing tension from your brain. All you need to perform this is a wall against which you can lean your legs in an upward position.

Keep your blood pressure in check with the Child’s pose (Balasana)

This posture is essential for people suffering from blood-pressure ailments. It is easy to practice and prevents anxiety as well. You need to sit on your knees and stretch your hands forward while keeping your face down on your knees. However, people with arthritis must avoid this posture.

Ease your stiff neck and head with Wide-leg forward bend (Prasarita Padottanasana)

After working long hours in our busy schedules, most of us face the problem of having a stiff neck and head. This posture is especially helpful in releasing tension from your neck and head and making you feel lighter. Ankita Mahajan, Naturopath, founder of Yogymummy explains, “You have to take a wide stance standing on your yoga mat and make a forward bend downward.”


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