Kangana Ranaut calls herself ‘Batman type,’ battles health issues with her chin up

Ishi Munassi Dass

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut: The most recent ravishing Chandramukhi always finds one or the other way to stay in the headlines. Can you ever imagine Kangana Ranaut in the Caped Crusader’s outfit? Whether you can or not, the actress finds herself similar to the infamous vigilante of Gotham City, Batman. Yesterday, Kangana took to her Instagram to update her Story in which she compared herself to Batman.

Kangana Ranaut emits Batman vibes

Behold, there’s a new vigilante in the country. Or more like an old vigilante in a new avatar. The gorgeous actress Kangana Ranaut has once again made a successful comparison between herself and the Dark Knight.

This is not the first time Kangana Ranaut referred to herself as similar to Batman. She has done it earlier as well. However, yesterday was quite different. She updated her Instagram Story telling the world how she has been a survivor even after being subject to several diseases. She shared that she had been “perpetually ill” for the past 12 months. In a witty and at the same time inspirational manner, the actress also added, “…sab sometimes low and down feel karte hain, weak and hopeless bhi, ji haan Batman type log bhi.” She ended her message with a motivational push to her fans saying, “chalo chalte raho, aage bado. Wishing everyone happy Festival season.”

Instagram Story by ‘kanganaranaut’

All about Batman

For the uninformed, Batman is the renowned fictional vigilante created by D.C. studios. The character wears an all-black costume with a cape and mask resembling the wings and face of a bat respectively. He is also known by the nicknames, The Caped Crusader, The Dark Knight, etc. Batman is known for his keen detective abilities, his superhuman strength, his amazing agility, his ingenious intellect, and his determination to push his limits by strenuously working overtime to put criminals behind bars. One of the major qualities of Batman that stands out is that he works alone, although he might be seen occasionally with a bunch of other superheroes when needed.


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