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Pawan Singh and Chandani Singh release new Navratri song ‘Dulri Mayariya;’ WATCH

Pawan Singh and Chandani Singh made the netizens go bonkers with their adorable chemistry and divine performance on the fresh new Navratri song 'Dulri Mayariya.'

Bhojpuri cinema is gradually reaching many people and many actors of this cinema industry are also becoming very famous and they get a lot of love from the people. Pawan Singh is also one such actor of Bhojpuri cinema whose songs go viral on social media and these songs also get a lot of love from the fans. As we all know that the festival of Navratri is being celebrated all over the country, which is being celebrated with great love by everyone and Pawan Singh has also composed a song for this time.

Pawan Singh made a new song for Navratri

Pawan Singh has composed a song for the holy festival of Navratri, listening to which you will be very happy because Pawan Singh himself has sung this song and Chandni Singh is acting in this song. Pawan Singh is singing a song with harmonium in the court of Mata, while Chandni Singh is dancing on the song and anyone will be happy to see her look because Chandni is looking very beautiful in the video and her dance performance is creating a stir on the internet. Has gone. In between, she is enjoying the song sitting with Pawan Singh and her expressions are making the song even better, making everyone’s heart happy.

Fans praised the song

Fans have praised the songs and filled the comment section with love and appreciation. This song of Pawan Singh, which came at the time of Navratri, will be liked very much by all the devotees and will help them in making this festival even more beautiful.


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