Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note

Press is the fourth pillar of democracy, time and again its presence is felt between us when it touches real issues which concerns people. Journalism is not mere talking straight or just staying positive, Journalism is more than that, Journalism is truth, it’s a way of life, it’s something which keeps telling the countrymen to decide what’s good and what’s wrong, the ultimate objective of real journalism is to make the democracy strong. Media doesn’t mean revenue through it, as revenue always be a by-product, its first real commitment is towards building the society, as any of its misadventures are born by it.

Today, India is watching many main stream media houses, who boasts of credibility on the back of nationalism. We call it media cronyism. DNP ENTERTAINMENT keeps nation first and feels that every Indian has to show-up. It’s important raising nationalistic feelings in the young and the old is not at all a bad thing.

Media is often seen contesting for the regimes in the TV debates where they merge nationalism with religion and often jumps the very thin lines. DNP India strongly feels that this news website will assure its viewers and readers that it will never cross this line for the sake of our beloved nation and will remain committed to build it and not break it.

The world has ushered into the era of digital technology, journalism ethics and interests needs to be watched continuously. The global media paradigm has time and again shown that developed economies impact the under-developed, which reflects in bottom fishing seen in the credibility graphs of nations.

Does the question make sense here, is the media for real? I say Yes [THAT’S WHY WE ARE HERE] and some would say No, for these no; I remember a song here from the Indian super star Rajesh Khanna of a Bollywood flick ‘ROTI’ who sangyaar hamari baat suno Aisa ek insan chuno jisne paap na kiya ho jo paapi na Ho, (friend choose one person amongst the group who has not done any crime) is this the real story of journalism? The real journalism would only come out with the facts that who is running the show and how much journalism could suffer from the factual correction around us.

DNP ENTERTAINMENT believes that ‘life is a journey and not destination’ and the same principle applies for the core and ethical journalism at the work place. DNP ENTERTAINMENT feels that hiring journalists on roles of the company and paying them salaries takes away their real freedom. DNP ENTERTAINMENT would keep journalists as consultants and assures to pay them adequately for their super articulated journalism.  DNP ENTERTAINMENT promises practicing of free and fair journalism. Hard journalism pays hard price and for it their lives and journalism may be protected, DNP ENTERTAINMENT shall keep announcing interesting principled ways and means which protects them from any sudden emergencies occurred in families and at work. DNP ENTERTAINMENT is committed to keep interest of true journalist’s alive forever.

We urge for maximum subscription of our news platform to keep us afloat all times. We do believe that your support would keep true journalism alive.

DNP ENTERTAINMENT strives and promote faith for the quality journalism.

Yours Truly