BTS’ V Reflects on Career And Family in the Latest Episode of ‘You Quiz on the Block’

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BTS’ V, amidst the release of his latest album, Layover, appeared in the latest episode of You Quiz on the Block, where he revealed a lot of personal details. V or Kim Tae-hyung is a member of the popular boy group, BTS, who made their debut in 2013. Since then, the members have been releasing their individual works side by side. BTS’ V is set to release his new album, Layover, on 8th September, 2023.


BTS’ V on his career


To promote his latest album, this K-pop star appeared in an episode of  You Quiz on the Block, where he shared details about his life, starting from his rise to fame to his career to his family. This star talked about how he had always dreamed about becoming a singer which is why he moved to Seoul from his home town. Moreover, this Snow Flower singer also talked about his career and his bond with other BTS members. He revealed that both J-Hope and Jungkook are always there for him when he wants a second opinion on his music. It is already known that the BTS members always show their support for each other’s work on social media and other platforms. therefore, it was not surprising when V said that his bandmates were extremely supportive of him. He also reflected on his success and said that after a point, he became numb and indifferent to all the awards and achievements he was earning. However, he slowly got back to finding motivation in his life.


BTS’ V on his siblings and grandmother

Apart from this, he also talked about his personal life and family. this BTS star revealed for the first time that he has a younger sister and a brother. Although he is nicer to his younger sister, he even admits to being mean to his younger siblings. In addition to that, he spoke about his grandmother, who died very recently. he expressed his attachment to her and revealed that she was his biggest cheerleader.




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