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Bhuvan Bam to host Takeshi’s Castle Hindi version, to stream from Nov 2

Takeshi's Castle Returns with Bhuvan Bam as Commentator

Takeshi’s Castle Teaser: The highly anticipated return of the Hindi version of the much-loved Japanese game show, Takeshi’s Castle, has been officially confirmed. Prime Video has unveiled the premiere date for the reboot, featuring the renowned YouTuber, Bhuvan Bam, as the commentator. Staying true to the essence of the original series from the 80s, this iconic Japanese game show is making a comeback after an astonishing thirty-six years, while also resurrecting the beloved ‘Titu Mama’ character from BB Ki Vines. With eight exciting episodes, this series is set to exclusively stream for Indian audiences starting November 2nd on Prime Video, promising a nostalgic yet fresh entertainment experience that fans won’t want to miss.

Watch the Teaser Here

The teaser kicks off by humorously showcasing Titu Mama’s everyday life, often referred to in jest as the ‘shoo-stopper.’ But just when things seem ordinary, a yakuza gangster storms into his shop and fearlessly kidnaps him. Later, it’s revealed that Titu Mama owes a debt to the yakuza, and the only way to settle it is by lending his voice to the Hindi reboot of the iconic Japanese game show, Takeshi’s Castle.

What’s special about this teaser

It gives a glimpse of the show’s authentic atmosphere, where over 100 contestants race through a series of challenges, all hoping to win a tempting prize of one million yen. With Bhuvan Bam providing his unique Indian commentary, this series promises to be a fantastic source of entertainment. “Takeshi’s Castle” is also part of the lineup for Prime Video‘s Great Indian Festival 2023.


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