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Big boss 17: Kangna Ranaut joins Salman Khan to double the entertainment of weekend ka vaar; WATCH

Ganapath co-stars Kriti Sanon and Tiger Shroff appeared on Bigg Boss Season 17’s first Weekend Ka Vaar. There were several conflicts among the fun and games. In tonight’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Bollywood’s reigning Queen Kangana Ranaut will share the stage with superstar presenter Salman Khan. The actress is presently touring in support of her new film Tejas, and Bigg Boss 17 is her next visit. Kangana begins the ad for tonight’s episode by welcoming the crowd in Bhaijaan’s iconic manner before he himself surprises her on stage.

Watch Bigg Boss 17 Promo

Later, when Salman asks Kangana how she would respond if a co-star flirted with her, she says it would make her happy if it was someone as gorgeous as him. Kangana encouraged Salman to “try it out” when asked how she would reply. Bhaijaan began by calling her beautiful before questioning what she was doing 10 years later, which resulted in both of them splitting up. After that, the two celebrate Navaratri with Garba! In another ad, Kangana is seen inside the Big Brother house, chatting with the celebrity contestants. She assigns them an assignment in which they must choose someone they would shield from everyone else.

More about the show

Ankita Lokhande stated that she has a strong link with Isha Malviya and wishes to shield her from any unwanted influences, particularly Mannara Chopra. When Mannara heard this, she told Isha that instead of becoming ‘Junior Ankita,’ she should have her own opinion. For those who are unaware, Ankita and Mannara became friends during the first few days of the show. They ended up having troubles because of Ankita’s closeness to Isha, who does not get along with Mannara.


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