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Jin and V Hint BTS’ Return in Video Message to ARMY; Fans Can’t Keep Calm

BTS’ Jin: In a recent video shared on BANGTANTV, the official YouTube channel of the BTS, Jin talks about the return of BTS as a group and fans could not keep calm. Jin, a member of the infamous boy group BTS, frequently comes to the BANGTANTV channel to leave messages to his fans. Since the past few years, many of the BTS members have enrolled in the military, bringing newer priorities into their lives. Despite the band’s huge success globally, many members of the group have been releasing their individual music lately, leaving fans wondering when this boy group will be back together to release music as a group. Since their debut, the group has released 9 studio albums. Their last album was released on 20th November 2020. Each of their albums has been a hit after hit, topping charts in multiple countries. Since 2020, the group has been on a break with their military duties among others. Therefore, the members have been releasing their albums and EPs and have been constantly showing support for each other on social media and various other channels.

BTS’ Jin sends a message to fans

In the video shared on BANGTANTV, Jin takes a seat and has a friendly chat with the ARMY, aka BTS fans. The K-pop star begins by talking about reading a lot as they enter September. He has a book in his hand. Additionally, he spoke about eating a lot and calls September the month when “even horses gain weight”. He also says that it is the month when “your heart feels full, so read a lot”. He then proceeds to tell the ARMY to gain weight and keep eating a lot of meat and vegetables to stay healthy. Then, he adds, “You need to stay healthy and store up energy so that when we come back, you can come see our concerts too”. He continued, “You need to keep your strength up to listen to our music. When we come out with our music, please listen to it fueled by energy” This left fans feeling whether the BTS are coming back with an album after a long break.

BTS’ V makes a special appearance

Later, BTS’ V also joins the video and introduces himself as “I’m Kim Tae-hyung” and leaves. Although he leaves the screen, he still keeps asking questions and joking behind the screen. Jin reveals that he wants to keep coming back every month or so in a different look preferably. He then gets playfully annoyed at V and says, “Will you stop talking to me as you change”.

Netizens react

The ARMY were ecstatic to see JIn in a short chatty video. They said, “Our sunshine, returned from the army and please us with new songs. We are looking forward to seeing you very much”, “I’m glad Jin showed up, I miss this beautiful boy, I love them all, long live BTS.” and “How I miss you my Jinnie. I hope you come back soon, that everyone comes back and we can see them together ” The BTS is set to be back in 2025 for the Second Chapter.


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