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BTS’ RM: Jeon Somi Reveals How She Became Friends With this K-pop Star; Check Out The Details


BTS’ RM: Jeon Somi, the Korean-Canadian singer and rapper, threw a launch party for her latest EP, Game Plan. Since the party, fans have been curious to know about her friendship with BTS‘ RM. Therefore, at a fan sign event, the K-Pop star revealed how she became friends with the BTS star.


Jeon Somi  back after a two-year break


Jeon Somi has been on a break since her last album, XOXO. XOXO, released in 2021 was a big hit among the fans. Post the release of the album, this 22-year-old Korean musician took a two-year break before coming out with her latest EP, Game Plan. As an EP it has fewer tracks than an album, giving fans a limited glimpse of her latest music. Amidst the excitement upon the release of Game Plan, the singer held a fan sign event, online and offline. Along with this, a launch party was also thrown by her, where a lot of celebrities were in attendance, such as Jihyo, Woozi, G-Dragon and many more.



Jeon Somi on her friendship with BTS’ RM

In this star-studded guest list, one attendee happened to be none other than BTS’ RM. Post the party, Jeon Somi posted several pictures from the party with the many guest celebrities. Fans were quick to notice BTS’ RM in the mix and were curious to know how two K-pop stars became friends. At the fan sign event, she was asked the very same question to which she told everyone that since they are in the same industry, the two have many mutual friends. Moreover, she also admitted that the two met during BIGBANG G-Dragon’s PEACEMINUSONE X NIKE event. In addition to that, the two of them speak English, which is a common ground between them. In the interaction, the pop singer stated, “We first met at Gdragon’s Nike event. But as he (RM) has been in this industry for a long time my friends are also people that have been promoting for a long time. I have been promoted for quite a long time myself. So, we have a lot of friends in common. I guess we got close like this. He’s also very good at English. So, surprisingly, we end up talking a lot in English”


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