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Bigg Boss 17: Ruthless aggression! Will Neil’s anger result in his downfall? Watch

Bigg Boss 17: Neil's aggression is going off the charts in the upcoming episode as revealed by the promo video. How will this impact his game? Can he survive the threat of nomination?

Bigg Boss 17: The air in the BB House is getting denser day by day as the season grows closer to its finale. Even the peace-loving and quiet ones are making their presence known. For instance, Neil is now showing his aggressive avatar like never before. The recent promo reveals Neil fighting with Ankita and Vicky, back and forth while showing ruthless aggression. He basically used everything at his disposal except physical violence to show how angry he was.

Bigg Boss 17: Neil’s ruthless aggression out on display

The BB House is a place that can activate even inanimate objects (figuratively speaking). When you are locked away in a house and are not allowed to come in contact with the world outside, something inside you would force you to do something to feel alive. The situation of the contestants inside the BB House is quite similar. This time, the tension inside the House has overwhelmed a potentially wise person, Neil. The latest promo dropped by JioCinema’s official Insta handle reveals him losing control in an argument with Ankita and Vicky.

In the latest episode’s promo video, Neil can be seen shouting at Ankita very aggressively. What seemed like an argument turned into a noisy altercation when Neil started shouting at Ankita at the top of his lungs. He said, “Shut up! My voice can go 100 times higher than yours.” Later in the video, Bigg Boss happened to ask house no. 2 for their preference to vote someone out for the entire season. The very next clip is of Vicky taking the name of Neil. This raises questions as to whether Neil is being nominated for the entire season or not. In response, Neil says that he would take his revenge very particularly.

Netizens’ reactions to the promo video

Bigg Boss’ reputation goes ahead of the show’s name. Moreover, with a host like Salman Khan, who would not like to watch it? When the netizens saw the promo they all gathered in the comments section to drop their mixed reactions. Some of their comments read, “Neil always disrespect … And he is jealous from ankita… Stay strong ankita … U r boss lady,” “Ankita khud galat tone m baat krti h … Koi duty ni krti… Saare rules todti h .. Vicky Vicky krti h … Koi usko bolde kuch to tewar,” “Iske andar v iski wife ki atma aari h dheere Dheere.”


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