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Bigg Boss 17: Chaos in the House of Heart! Abhishek, Neil and Aishwarya engage in a brutal fight

Bigg Boss 17: The latest spicy happening in the house was the dispute between Aishwarya-Neil and Abhishek. Check out what it led to.

Bigg Boss 17: As the days progress in the BB house, the plot gets thicker and thicker. While there are constant disputes between different members in the house, some room members are also finding it difficult to co-exist. The latest commotion in the house erupted among the members of the House of Heart. A massive altercation broke out between Abhishek, Neil, and Aishwarya during their house meeting.

Bigg Boss 17: Unrest arises in the house of Heart

The House of Heart is supposed to be understanding, loving, and caring. However, today it seems like it is everything apart from these qualities. Abhishek called for a house meeting to discuss house chores when an argument arose between him and Aishwarya. Apparently, Aishwarya was trying to explain her actions to Vicky and the rest of the members when Abhishek began to interrupt her. She asked him to let her speak two or three times but he was in an entirely different mindset.

When Abhishek’s tone became a little offensive, Neil intervened and asked, “Are you looking for a fight?” From that moment onwards, push came to shove and the dispute increased radically. Both the alpha males were at each other’s throats in an instant. In order to abide by the ‘no physical violence’ policy of Bigg Boss, the two kept their hands behind their backs but pushed each other around with their bodies. Meanwhile, the two kept shouting at each other, “What can you do?” Abhishek even called Neil an actor and said, “This is all you know… you just need an excuse to fight.” Soon Aishwarya went past her breaking point and screamed at Abhishek with all she had consistently.

Resolution between Neil and Abhishek

As quickly as the fight arose between the two, Neil and Abhishek got back together to resolve it even more swiftly. Neil went to Abhishek and said, “Do you realize what you mean to me?” Abhishek replied, “I didn’t want to fight you at all.” Neil watered down the heat by suggesting a ‘hug it out’ act. While the alpha males were able to forgive and forget, Aishwarya plainly refused to resolve anything with Abhishek.


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