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Bigg Boss 17: Weekend Ka Vaar! Right after Manasvi’s eviction, Arun and Tehelka gang up on Abhishek; Will he break?

Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan brought with himself Weekend Ka Vaar at Manasvi and right after that things became grim in the house. Seizing the opportunity, Arun and Tehelka began provoking Abhishek wildly.

Bigg Boss 17: The weekend is here and we all know what that means in the BB House. Salman Khan returned to meet the house members on Weekend Ka Vaar and brought along with him the eviction order for Manasvi like a grim reaper. The game took a rather vengeful turn right after that as Sunny Arya (Tehelka) and Arun began to gang up on Abhishek. The two became excessively overwhelming for him. Will he be able to take it? Or will he break?

Bigg Boss 17: Arun and Tehelka provoke Abhishek

Another week has gone by in the house and unfortunately, Manasvi was evicted due to lack of votes. The wild card entry could not spend much time in the house and was disliked by the other members due to lack of participation. Consequently, the viewers outside as well did not vote enough for her. However, right after eviction, a completely unexpected turn of events unraveled when Arun and Tehelka began to gang up on Abhishek.

The brotherly duo, Arun and Tehelka have been having issues with Abhishek Kumar for quite some time now. The two can’t stand the sight of him. Apparently, Abhishek had been poking Arun for eviction since he was nominated. The moment Salman Khan announced Manasvi’s name for eviction, Arun and Tehelka hugged each other, and right after that Arun exploded at Abhishek saying, “You were going to send me out, huh? Now I’ll show you.” Tehelka joined in and started calling Abhishek names. Soon the two began shouting at him at the top of their lungs. Abhishek retaliated with equal strength but was overpowered by the two.

After a lengthy altercation, Tehelka and Arun met in the room to release their frustration. Arun said, “I swear I just want to punch him…,” Tehelka asked him, “What penalty have they ascribed against hitting someone?” Arun replied, “Rs. 2 crore along with a police case.”  

Abhishek’s reaction to the provocations

Throughout their strenuous attempts to provoke him, Abhishek maintained his calm and made sure not to give them what they sought. He kept on arguing with them but did not lose control. In the middle of the argument, Arun said something and Abhishek made it sound like a death threat for the cameras. Abhishek said to Tehelka, “I will beat you so much outside, I will uproot everything from you. Just go and find out who I am…”

Judging by Tehelka and Arun’s private conversations, it doesn’t look like they are going to make things easy for Abhishek any time soon. This is probably a good enough game plan as well, to remain in the limelight consistently. The question is, will Abhishek be able to use this to his advantage? Or is he going to break under the pressure?


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