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Bigg Boss 17: Does Vicky Jain have an ace up his sleeve? BB shares intricate details with Neil Bhatt

Bigg Boss 17: The grandest chess board has been set and the games have begun. BB has reason to believe that Vicky is playing carftily. He shares this information with Neil who further starts thinking deeply on it.

Bigg Boss 17: The atmosphere in the BB House is changing like the season outside. Slowly and steadily the winds are turning cold and eerie. Right after a heartwarming Karva Chauth celebration, BB revealed something extremely significant to Neil Bhatt in the therapy room concerning Vicky Jain. BB thinks Vicky has already got his best cards lined up, but he still has an ace up his sleeve. What will Neil do with such delicate information?

Bigg Boss 17: BB drops a massive pipe bomb

On the occasion of Karva Chauth the Bigg Boss (BB) House was prepared beautifully. Married couples shared the joys of togetherness and pronounced blessings on one another. On the other hand, a new love story already seems to be in the making between Abhishek Kumar and Khaanzadi. However, amid all these sweet moments, something far more intriguing unfolded.

After the failure of contestants to finish the designated activity properly, a ruckus emerged between the three houses. Troubled by the commotion, Bigg Boss called Neil to the Therapy Room asking for therapy. Inside the room, BB exposed Vicky Jain, whom Neil considered a good friend. BB said to Neil, “The one you consider a friend, probably doesn’t think of you the same way.” He further added, “You know what I think? I think Vicky struck an understanding with you, am I right?” Neil replied, “Vicky himself confessed that, so there is no question of wrong or right.” BB further added, “What you do not know is that he also made a pact with 3-4 other contestants before entering the house whom he plans to use as steps deviously to climb his way to the top.”

Neil Bhatt’s reaction to the crucial information

Neil’s mind was completely blown upon hearing this. He started connecting the dots and took the message to his better half, Aishwarya. She replied to him, “I was not even going to talk to him, but he came to apologize. I knew he was cooking something up in his mind.” The couple seems to be already vigilant about Vicky’s plan. However, the real question is, does Vicky even have such a game plan to begin with or is it just another move by Bigg Boss on his grand chess board, the BB House?


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