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Bigg Boss 17: Love in the air! Abhishek and Khaanzadi give couple vibes; Why’s Isha jealous?

Bigg Boss 17: Abhishek and Khaanzadi might have found a place to lay their heads together but Isha doesn't seem too happy about it. Find out why!

Bigg Boss 17: The celebrity-studded house seems to be getting more intriguing with each passing day. One day the members of the house are at each other’s throats and the other day they just forget everything and gel up. Moreover, the missing factor in the Bigg Boss house i.e., love now seems to be developing gradually among unexpected contestants. Abhishek Kumar and Khaanzadi appear to be growing fond of each other but Isha doesn’t seem to be very pleased with it.

Bigg Boss 17: Abhishek and Khaanzadi explore their ties

The latest episode of the most entertaining reality show was pretty much mellowed down than the previous one. After recovering from war-like situations, the contestants appeared to be quite chirpy in the recent episode. From healthy jokes to sweet consultations, this episode had quite some heartfelt moments to offer. Vicky Jain became a father figure to Mannara, Sana, and Abhishek giving them guidance from time to time. Bigg Boss himself seized this opportunity and pulled his leg occasionally.

On the other hand, something far more interesting was captured by the cameras of the house. Abhishek and Khaanzadi appeared to be falling for each other during their conversations. Both agreed that earlier they didn’t see eye to eye due to a lack of understanding about each other but now they do. While lying down in the garden area with Abhishek, Isha asked him, “What quality do you look for in a girl you like?” Abhishek replied, “First and foremost, my girl is my girl, I don’t like sharing her, so she should be rightfully mine.” Khaanzadi found this to be a common ground between them and replied, “I also think the same way… for me, it is like two bodies and one soul.” She also told Abhishek that she sensed Isha becoming uncomfortable upon seeing them together and Abhishek admitted the same.

Isha Malviya’s reaction to Abhishek and Khaanzadi’s closeness

Both Abhishek and Khaanzadi sensed that Isha was not being very positive about their mingling together. However, things became even clearer during the nomination activity time. After getting nominated by Jigna Vora, Khaanzadi returned to her place in a playful manner. Mesmerized by her adorability, Abhishek commented, “So cute.” Isha’s face immediately went down after hearing those words. She tried to exhibit a poker face but failed miserably.


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