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Bride groom viral video: Bride’s flawless dance on ‘Jalebi Baby’ is explosive; WATCH

Bride groom viral video: Dance videos are very popular on the internet and these videos get a lot of love and appreciation because wonderful and amazing dances are shown in them. It is said that marriage is the union of two souls and to make this union even more memorable, nowadays newly married couples do dance performances whose videos are very much liked by everyone on the internet. One such video is recently going viral on the internet, in which a bride is seen dancing to the viral song ‘Jalebi Baby’.

Bride groom viral video shows exceptional dance

Her friends are also dancing with the bride, who is adding to the performance. Seeing this coordination between them, anyone’s heart will go crazy. The bride is wearing such a beautiful lehenga that it is almost impossible to take our eyes off the bride during the dance performance. The energy of the bride is amazing and she is mesmerizing everyone with her dance. Seeing this mesmerizing dance of her, everyone’s heart is becoming happy and the groom is just looking at her and praising her with his loving eyes. What makes the video even more amazing is the bride’s expressions which match the lyrics of the song perfectly.

Netizens are in awe of her dance

The video got a lot of love on the internet and the bride’s love also got a lot of appreciation from the people. Netizens filled the comment section with praises for the bride as she displayed her dance performance brilliantly and won everyone’s heart.


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