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Bride groom viral video: Beautiful bride’s flawless performance on ‘Sajna’ is a heart stealer; WATCH

Bride and groom viral video: A boy and a girl’s wedding is an important day in their lives, and they go to great lengths to make it unforgettable. These days, dance performances are required at weddings, and films of them are widely shared online. A video depicts a bride dancing in front of her spouse to the trendy love tune “Sajna,” which was used for dance performances online. The groom is dumbfounded as a result of her dance movements.

Watch Bride groom viral video

The video shows the bride dancing gracefully and raising the bar high with her mesmerizing and extraordinary performance. The joy is visible on her face which shows her excitement about the wedding dance. The bride starts her dance by covering her face and she removes her ghunghat after the beat drop and shows her adorable and exquisite expressions while dancing to the foot-tapping beats. Her dance performance is enough to take your heart away as the bride showed her seamless execution and unmatchable energy in her dance performance. Her embellished outfit added more charm to the performance.

Netizens praised the performance

Social media users applauded the dazzling and captivating dance the bride performed in the video, which attracted a lot of attention. The ‘over-the-top’ performance in the video astounds them.


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