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Pawan Singh and Smriti Sinha’s chemistry shines in new romantic dance number ‘Kamar Lachkat Jaye;’ WATCH 

Pawan Singh and Smriti Sinha: Pawan Singh, the beloved Bhojpuri singer-actor, has once again ignited the screens with his charm in the newly released romantic song ‘Kamar Lachkat Jaye’. Renowned for his hit ‘Lollypop Lagelu’, which achieved global fame, Pawan Singh continues to captivate fans with his versatile talent, both in films and music.

A Melodic Journey of Love

‘Kamar Lachkat Jaye’ is a soulful rendition presented by Pawan Singh himself, alongside the melodious vocals of Priyanka Singh. The song showcases the actor’s knack for delivering heartfelt melodies that resonate with listeners. The video transports viewers into a world of romance and rhythm, further enhancing the song’s emotional impact.

In the accompanying music video, Pawan Singh pairs up with the talented actress Smriti Sinha, creating a captivating on-screen duo. Filmed in a picturesque foreign location, the video embraces a visually pleasing aesthetic that complements the song’s romantic theme.

Pawan Singh’s charismatic presence is accentuated by his stylish blue jacket, exuding a suave charm. On the other hand, Smriti Sinha enchants viewers in a golden saree, radiating elegance and grace. Their palpable chemistry is evident, as they showcase their dance prowess and weave a compelling narrative of love through their movements.

Netizens have been showering love on the video 

The new song has 926,286 views and is making storm on the internet. One user commented, “Pawan Singh is not just a History breaker He is also a history Creator.” Another user commented, “Record Machine Of Bhojpuri Film Industry.” One of them commented, “I love how his voice is deep , but his personality is a whole different level , from sounding mean and rude , to actually being sweet and nice.” 



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