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Pawan Singh’s Heartfelt Song ‘Rovèle Raghu Rai’ Strikes a Chord Amidst ‘Adipurush’ Controversy

The film ‘Adipurush’ has sparked controversy nationwide, with discussions surrounding the movie taking place everywhere. Amidst this buzz, Bhojpuri superstar Pawan Singh has released a dedicated song for Lord Rama, evoking strong emotions among listeners. Titled ‘Rovèle Raghu Rai,’ this new Bhojpuri track has garnered over 5.2 million views within just five days of its release.

Controversy Surrounding ‘Adipurush’

‘Adipurush’ has become a topic of controversy across the country, with discussions surrounding the film taking place everywhere. The movie has sparked debates and discussions due to its subject matter, generating widespread interest and attention.

Pawan Singh’s Emotional Tribute to Lord Rama

Amidst the ‘Adipurush’ controversy, Bhojpuri star Pawan Singh has created a song that pays tribute to Lord Rama. Titled ‘Rovèle Raghu Rai,’ this heartfelt Bhojpuri track resonates with listeners on an emotional level. The song has struck a chord with fans, evoking strong emotions and receiving an overwhelming response.

Success of ‘Rovèle Raghu Rai’

Within a mere five days of its release, ‘Rovèle Raghu Rai’ has garnered over 5.2 million views on YouTube, capturing the hearts of audiences. Pawan Singh’s soulful rendition and the emotional depth of the song have contributed to its popularity. The track showcases the immense talent of the Bhojpuri superstar, further cementing his position as a prominent figure in the industry.

Impact and Relevance Amidst ‘Adipurush’ Controversy

As controversies continue to surround ‘Adipurush,’ Pawan Singh’s song provides a refreshing and emotional alternative for listeners. ‘Rovèle Raghu Rai’ serves as a reminder of Lord Rama’s significance and resonates with individuals seeking solace amidst the ongoing discussions surrounding the film. The song’s popularity reflects the deep-rooted connection people have with spirituality and music.


While the controversy surrounding ‘Adipurush’ continues to dominate conversations, Pawan Singh’s release of ‘Rovèle Raghu Rai’ has provided listeners with a heartfelt tribute to Lord Rama. As discussions around ‘Adipurush’ persist, Pawan Singh’s song serves as a soothing balm, reminding listeners of the timeless connection between spirituality and music.

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