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Skincare Tips: Janhvi Kapoor uses these 7 natural and affordable products for glowing skin

Skincare Tips: Janhvi Kapoor is one of Bollywood’s most beautiful young generation stars. The oldest daughter of iconic starlet Sridevi and producer Boney Kapoor, the popular actress has inherited her mom’s excellent features. Janhvi Kapoor has always made news for her flawless outfit choices and gorgeous make-up looks from the start of her acting career. The Mili actress is picky about how she takes care of herself. Similarly, Janhvi believes in maintaining a consistent skincare routine.

Skincare Tips of Janhvi Kapoor

Janhvi Kapoor was honest in a recent interview with Mashable about her beauty routine, which helps maintain her complexion healthy and bright. The Mili actress added that she constantly relies on a hot shower and natural cosmetics to keep her complexion healthy. Check out the advantages of seven natural but super-affordable items from Janhvi Kapoor’s beauty routine…


Milk, which includes natural lactic acid, is one of the greatest natural skin cleaners. It cleans and moisturizes the skin while removing dirt and sebum from the pores. Milk also aids in the prevention of ageing indicators such as fine lines and wrinkles. It is also used to treat skin conditions such as sunburn and tanning. Milk may also be used as a natural toner to brighten the skin.


Honey is a mild exfoliant that thoroughly cleanses the skin. Regular use of honey can also help lighten scars and dark patches on the skin. It significantly aids in the rejuvenation of dull and tanned skin by imparting a gentle shine and leaving the skin wonderfully hydrated.


Malai, also known as milk cream, is a holy grail natural solution for persons with dry skin. It intensively moisturizes and gently exfoliates dry, lifeless skin. Malai can be used alone or in combination with other natural items such as haldi, besan, or lemon juice, depending on your skin type, to eliminate black patches and skin pigmentation.


Yoghurt is a standout product that has several skin advantages. Yoghurt can help to maintain the skin’s pH balance on a regular basis. It intensively hydrates the skin while also gently exfoliating it. Yoghurt can soothe sensitive, acne-prone skin and prevent inflammation and skin infections.


Fruits are high in all skin-friendly components, including anti-oxidants and Vitamin C. Fruit consumption, both in the diet and in the skincare regimen, promotes collagen formation, which helps to prevent the indications of ageing. Fruits such as papaya, lemon, and banana are used to treat pigmentation, acne scars, and other skin issues.


Rosewater is a natural skincare product with several advantages. It works as both a cleanser and a toner, softly cleansing the face while richly moisturizing it. The most significant advantage of rosewater is that it may be used on all skin types and has nearly no adverse effects. Rosewater will bring brightness to the skin if used on a regular basis.


Glycerine is a low-cost product that benefits the skin in a variety of ways. It is an excellent element to include in your skincare regimen to help improve the skin barrier. It soothes itchy and inflamed skin while delivering mild moisture. Glycerine may be used to treat very dry skin as well as a variety of other issues such as dark spots and discoloration.


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