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Fashion Tips: Wear Heavy Jhumkas Without Pain! Earlobe Hacks to Look Your Best Without Compromise

If you also struggle with pain after wearing heavy jhumkas, these hacks are worth giving a shot.

Fashion Tips: As the festive season is here, no one wants to compromise on fashion. Moreover, one should not have to compromise and be able to wear whatever they want. However, beauty is pain. One of the biggest struggles that people face is wanting to wear a heavy jhumka, just to take it off as the ear starts hurting. Thus, here are a few hacks that are a must-try if you want to wear heavy jhumkas this season

Earlobe patch

An invisible earlobe patch can be used to lessen the impact of heavy earrings on your earlobe. Place an earlobe patch on your earlobe and put the earring through it. It provides cushioning around the area and prevents the earlobe from stretching. Moreover, these are generally invisible. Therefore, they do not lessen the charm of the beautiful chunky jhumkas.

Numbing cream

Various types of numbing creams are available in the drugstore that can be a good way of omitting pain in the earlobe. Apply a tiny amount of numbing cream on the earlobe and then put the earring. Because of the cream, one can go about the day without feeling any sort of pain at all.


Choosing the right material for the earring is also a big factor in determining the pain level. A usual jhumka is made of metal with gemstones and several other materials that make it extremely heavy. Instead, make use of lighter alternatives such as plastic, acrylic, paper or even clay. They look just as appealing with significantly less pain.


The use of disinfecting lubricants like coconut oil or Vaseline can be a good way of preventing any form of pain caused by cuts or chafing. These also prevent the earlobe from causing infections. Moreover, make sure that you give your earlobes a break from heavy earrings and let them recover.

In conclusion, these methods are a must-try if you suffer from a lot of pain, making your festive experience good


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