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Ameer Merchant Collaborates with Emraan Hashmi to Shoot An Ad for his Brand Merchant Perfumes

Ameer Merchant is more than just a businessman who inherited a firm; he is also a person who, by pure determination and a clear vision, built a corporation that is now a potent brand.Just Merchant Things is one of his brands under his business Merchant Trading Co, which he plans to expand to different parts of the world.

Ameer Merchant collaborates with Emraan Hashmi 

He recently shot an ad for his Merchant Perfumes range under Just Merchant Things Brand with Bollywood’s Sexiest Actor, Emraan Hashmi and it is beyond classy. The video features the handsome actor, in a posh home getting ready for his day. The JMT Perfumes is an apt product that suits the class and style of the elite and the rich and the same has been portrayed perfectly in the ad which is available on the businessman’s Instagram.

Ameer Merchant – the entrepreneur 

Life of an entrepreneur is tough and we are often hit by a roadblock. Like it or not, building your own empire from scratch takes every bit of your heart, soul, blood, and sweat.It takes a whole lot of courage and knowledge to turn your vision into reality and Ameer Merchant exemplifies it.He has created a massive business empire of his as a young entrepreneurial talent in his thirties, hailing from Bhavnagar, Gujarat. Today, his business presence and prominence are seen across India and the Middle East, all thanks to the strong mental fortitude with which Ameer Merchant worked his way to the top, attracting major success for all his ventures.

He has always been dedicated to working hard. To get to this point of achievement, he overcame all obstacles in his life. Due to his extensive travels and residences in cities and nations including Mumbai, Dubai, and Iran, the intelligent businessman has a profound awareness of diverse cultures.

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