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Mission Raniganj Movie Review: Akshay Kumar’s attempts overshadowed by theatrics, film misses the mark!

Mission Raniganj Movie Review: We have entered the festive season by stepping into the month of October and Akshay Kumar has delivered his opening drive in the Entertainment industry with Mission Raniganj: The Great Bharat Rescue. The anticipated Docu-Drama revolves around the true story of the mining expert, Jaswant Singh Gill who became the Nation’s hero in 1989 by rescuing 200 miners from the Raniganj mining incident. The film was released today, however, despite Akshay’s strenuous efforts, it missed the mark.

Mission Raniganj Movie Review: The film’s plot

Coal mining in India began in the early 19th century by East India Company and the first site discovered was the infamous Raniganj Coalmine. The reason why the mine has a bad reputation is because of a grievous tragedy that took place on November 13 1989 which almost destroyed around 70 families. During that unfortunate night, around 200 miners were working a late-night shift when they initiated a series of blasts that caused the entire structure of the mine to quiver. There appeared a crack in one of the underground walls which allowed the water to seep in. Consequently, around 70 miners were trapped in the mine and were later rescued by Jaswant Singh Gill’s brave efforts.

By now you must have guessed that Mission Raniganj features Akshay Kumar as the heroic savior, Jaswant Singh Gill. The movie depicts the valorous efforts of Jaswant who rescued the trapped miners by using his quick and clever thinking. Jaswant devised a steel capsule with room enough to hold one person inside. The capsule was then lowered into the mine where 70 miners were trapped and one by one, each one of them was pulled out.

Why did the film miss the mark?

Audiences of all kinds usually love docu-dramas because they have the element of truth in them. However, if that very element is adulterated by unnecessary theatrics, it damages the adhesive between the audience and the film. In my opinion, Akshay Kumar tried his best to do justice to his character, but all of that was watered down by too much focus on heroics. In the real story, Jaswant Singh Gill was a true team person. But the movie depicted him as an unnatural hero who spoilt the essence of the true story.


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