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Malaika Arora considers THESE Yoga Asanas vital to overcome trauma, Check out

Malaika Arora is known for her fitness through Yoga but you would be surprised to know how it helped her recover from trauma. Check out these asanas that she recommends for improving mental health.

Malaika Arora pledges her allegiance to yoga to stay fit as a fiddle. While yoga has really helped the Bollywood diva to remain in perfect shape, what many people don’t know is that it also helped her become emotionally strong. In 2021, just a day before World Mental Health Day, Malaika confessed on Instagram how Yoga helped her “survive the storm” within her. The headstrong diva swears by these Yoga asanas to flush out of her mind unnecessary stress arising from past trauma.

Malaika Arora suggests these asanas for improved mental health

Chakrasana or the wheel pose

Chakrasana is really helpful for your spine and back muscles. It helps in stretching your chest as well and improves flexibility. One of its major benefits is its direct impact on mental health. It helps relieve a lot of tension and stress from your mind. The Diva Yoga along with Malaika stated that the pose has a “calming effect on the mind.” Although a little difficult to perform at first, you can get it right by practicing regularly.

Adho Mukh Svanasana or downward facing dog pose

In this pose, you are required to bend forward and place your palms on the floor with your face stretched toward your knees as much as possible. Remember not to bend your knees while performing this pose. Malaika recommends this asana to relieve stress from your system exponentially.

Balasana or the child’s pose

As the title suggests, in this pose you are required to sit like a child on your knees and bend your torso over your thighs while keeping your palms flat on the floor. Balasana is Malaika’s go-to favorite pose to ease her mind from any and all negative energy.

Sukhasana or easy sitting pose

This asana lives up to its name and is extremely good for relaxing your mind. In the easy sitting pose, all you have to do is sit in a cross-legged posture, relax your shoulders, straighten your spine, keep your palms on your lap on top of one another, and keep your eyes closed. The next thing to do is to focus on your breathing. Malaika finds this pose to be a miracle worker in relieving all the stress from the mind.


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