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Health Tips: Wish to have cuts & curves like Katrina Kaif? 5 lessons you can learn from her

Health Tips: Coming all the way from Britain, one of the most beautiful actresses Bollywood has got is none other than Katrina Kaif. Her love for fitness and determination is commendable. There is a strenuous workout and diet regime that she follows to keep in shape. However, there are 5 lessons in particular that can really help you shred those extra layers and even stay fit inside out.

Health tips by Katrina Kaif to stay fit

Tag along with a workout buddy

Katrina suggests hitting the gym with a friend who can support you and be equally yoked in the gym. It also helps you push yourself to your limits. Watching your buddy working hard, you will definitely be motivated to go the extra mile. Katrina has tried and tested this with her gym pal Alia Bhatt.

Say goodbye to monotony, use different tools

Being a gym rat, using the same types of equipment regularly can be tiresome and take away your interest. It is always better to try out new stuff. There are several new workouts trending which can be learned and help you stay longer in the game.

Try to pump iron early in the morning

If you are nocturnal, it is high time now that you shift gears and change your routine. Katrina advises you to carry out your major workout sessions in the morning. Doing this will not only help you maintain those curves but will also keep you content throughout your busy day.

Spice up your routine with a pinch of Plyometrics

What Katrina is suggesting here is not a child’s play. Plyometrics constitute excessively strenuous exercises utilizing tremendous speed and force to ultimately build your overall muscle strength. If you are someone who is already giving it all in cardio, you can hit it up a notch with Plyometrics too.

Mix things up

Going by the same routine every time can make you lose interest easily. Katrina often changes things up in her routine to keep her workout sessions enjoyable.


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