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Health Tips: How did Sara Ali Khan lose 45 kgs? Check out the routine and diet

Health Tips: You would have heard all about several transformational stories in Bollywood ranging from Bhumi Pednekar to Alia Bhatt; how they went through a life-altering experience by shredding several kilos. We have one more star who has achieved tremendous feat by beating obesity. She is none other than Sara Ali Khan. The beautiful actress went through a lot after suffering from PCOS but was determined to get back in the game. This is how she defeated obesity by losing 45 kilos.

Health tips by Sara Ali Khan to lose excessive weight

Indulge yourself in sports

Working out becomes most effective if your heart, mind, and soul are all in it. The best way to do this is to pick up a sport that you love the most and get in the game. Sara spent a lot of time playing tennis with her father Saif Ali Khan and also with her brother Ibrahim Ali Khan. Apart from that, she also spent considerable time playing rugby, an energetic sport known for its ruthlessness.

Get used to gymming and dancing

The key to losing weight is to sweat as much as you can. Sweating indicates the burning of excessive fat from the body. This can be achieved by indulging oneself in strenuous activities that require a tremendous amount of effort. You can either opt for hitting the gym or simply dancing out. Sara went for both the approaches and even beyond. She is really fond of the traditional Indian dance form, Kathak, and regularly invests her time in it. She is also a gym rat and a Yoga lover.

Regulate your diet-plan

One of the most crucial elements to losing weight is your intake. What you eat will decide what you become. Hence, it is extremely important to keep a check on the carbs and proteins you consume. Sara opted for a low-carb diet and increased her protein intake. She used to consume carbs only once a day i.e., in her lunch. Most of her meals comprised high-fiber foods. It is also extremely important to keep yourself hydrated with adequate detoxifying fluids.   


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