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Viral Video: The duo sets the stage on fire with electrifying dance on ‘Ghunghroo;’ WATCH

Viral Video:  Dance is an art that charms the crowd and engages them. These videos make waves online as netizens love to watch these videos for the elegant and hypnotizing dance exhibitions shown by the entertainers. One such video is becoming an online sensation on the internet which shows a couple moving gracefully on the foot-tapping beats of the well-known tune ‘Ghunghroo’ which was originally performed by Hrithik Roshan and Vaani Kapoor in the film ‘War.’ They are leaving the internet hypnotized with their elegant and perfect dance moves.

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A new viral video depicts a couple dancing beautifully and captivating the internet with their remarkable and exquisite dance abilities. With a mesmerizing and gorgeous dance, the girl and boy pair is enough to steal your heart. Their emotions are the major attraction of the video, making it worth watching. Their synchronization with the rhythms and with each other drew the most attention. Their every motion is grace-filled, making netizens go insane.


The video has gone viral on the internet, and everyone is in awe of the duo’s stunning and mesmerizing dance performance. The song’s foot-tapping rhythms can make anyone groove, and the duo complements the speed and lyrics. Their chemistry and mesmerizing execution are enough to take your heart away as they look stunning together.

Netizens reacted to the video

As soon as the video went viral on the internet, netizens reacted to the video in the comment section. One user wrote, “Enjoyed this sooo much.” Another user wrote, “The boy doing it effortlessly and looks perfect.”


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