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Viral Video: Girls take ‘Kusu Kusu’ to a different level, watch exceptional performance here

The girls took the famous Hindi song "Kusu Kusu'' to the next level with their exceptional and extraordinary dance performance on the foot-tapping beats of the song which was originally performed by Nora Fatehi.

Viral Video: Belly dancing is a kind of art that enthrals viewers online with its beautiful and captivating dance performances. Girls are quite skilled in belly dancing, and people pay close attention to their dances.

One such video, which has two girls in purple attire showing some moves of belly dancing and setting the bar high with their grace and enthusiasm, is becoming extremely popular on the internet. They looked amazing while dancing and began as usual, but as soon as the tempo began to run fast, they accelerated.

Viral Video Shows Outstanding Dance of Two Girls

Online audiences love watching girl dance performances because they showcase amazing and captivating dance moves set to the upbeat beats of Punjabi, Haryanvi, and Hindi music. Two girls are seen dancing elegantly to the catchy beats of the classic Hindi song “Kusu Kusu” in a recently popular video. Their t-shirt and jeans outfit highlight their curves and make the video attention-grabbing. They showed some belly dance moves as well and entertained the audience with gorgeous and flawless dance moves.

Their dancing performance is becoming viral on the internet, and they look stunning in their stunning white attire. With their graceful and passionate performance, they heated things online. You won’t be able to look away from their dance because it is enough to steal your heart away.

The performance garnered praise

After the video became viral, people responded to it in the comments area of the internet. Love and gratitude were abundant in the video’s comment area. They disabled the comment section of the video but the video went viral online and netizens reacted to these videos while sharing the video on their account.


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