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Viral Video: Girls super sensuous performance in white on ‘Afghan Jalebi’ is steamy; WATCH

Set to the catchy sounds of "Afghan Jalebi," this must-watch video displays the art of seduction in a gorgeous white costume.

Viral Video: Two content creators teamed to create a stunning dance cover of Afghan Jalebi, a song by Katrina Kaif, which went viral. The dance is performed by the girls in the video, who take it to a new level. Pria Camilla Shiam and Amy Aela are two Instagram content creators who are also dancers. This routine was choreographed by Indian-Astralian dancer and choreographer Pria Camilla Shiam.

She regularly shares choreographies and videos of Bollywood dance covers on social media. She is a performer and model in addition to teaching Bollywood dance. Amy Aela is a well-known figure on social media, with more than 177k YouTube subscribers and over 2 million Instagram followers.

Watch Viral Video

Both girls slay a rendition of the hit song Afghan Jalebi in a video that Amy Aela uploaded to her YouTube page. The two females do wild dance routines to Arabic-Indian music in the video. adorned in lovely white ensembles, featuring a fitted hip belt, a long skirt with slits, and a white top. The two well-known people on the internet danced almost flawlessly to the music.  The two girls were wearing white when the video was shot against an all-black background. In addition, the floor was covered in sand, which completely changed the tone of the footage.

Their expressions garnered a lot of attention because the girls raised the bar high with mesmerizing and graceful dance performances. The dress highlighted their curves and made the video even more attention-grabbing. Their chemistry is spellbinding and everyone loved how well the duo performed.

Netizens reacted to the video

The video went viral on the internet and it has garnered 3,553,443 views till the time of this article. It is garnering more views daily and netizens loved the performance. The comments were flooded with love and appreciation for the duo as they showed outstanding performances with fluidity.


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