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Viral Video: Duo’s ‘jaw-dropping’ performance on ‘Mitwa’ is contagious; WATCH

Viral Video: Hindi songs are ideal for dancing performances because their foot-tapping beats make everyone want to shake a leg. Dance videos to these tunes circulate the internet and captivate viewers. One such video has gone viral on the internet, showcasing a duo performing amazing and stunning dancing steps to Shah Rukh Khan’s iconic Hindi song ‘Mitwa.’ Their dance skills will have your heart pounding as they complement each other with unrivalled intensity and synchronicity.


Watch Viral Video


As duos ace dance to perfection in Hindi music, dance performances are popular on the internet. This video is no exception, as it depicts a lovely duo’s hypnotic and spellbinding dance performance. They are dressed in matching black clothes that showcase their dance moves and make the video even more captivating. Their moves are enough to make netizens go crazy, and they are lavishing admiration on the couple.

Their intensity and synchronicity capture the viewer’s attention and make the film worthwhile to watch. The video went viral as the couple displayed an extraordinarily spectacular dance performance. Their expressions are the video’s main attraction, and they have the internet in awe.

Netizens are in awe of their dance

Netizens loved the way the duo performed stunning dance on the popular song. One user wrote, “Both costumes and both’s dance moves were both equally awesome.” Another user wrote, “Phenomenal.”



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