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Viral Video: Anushka Sharma Goes Unrecognized In this Chocolate Ad; Watch Her Divine Look

Anushka Sharma stars in this Kit Kat ad that went viral for all the right reasons.

Viral Video: Anushka Sharma stars in the brand new Kit Kat ad where she goes unrecognised by the people at a store. Kit Kat, one of the biggest chocolates in the world has had many ads in India. Just like every other ad of Nestle, this Kit Kat ad did not fall short on creativity.

Anushka Sharma in the new Kit Kat ad

In the viral video, Anushka Sharma, the Bollywood actress enters a bookstore in a red blazer and blue jeans. As she enters, she is surprised to see that no one has recognised her. As people walk by her in this bookstore, no one notices her. She asks for a book and goes to wait on a green couch where she pulls out a Kit Kat bar. As she eats the rich chocolaty bar of chocolate, she finally catches a break. Later, she returns to the cashier where he asks her for the billing name. She says ‘Anushka Sharma‘ with a big smile. As she sets to leave the store, he says that he feels as if he has seen her somewhere to which she replies, “That’s strange” and walks off

Netizens react

Netizens react to this video by commenting, “Naam hi kafi h Anushka Sharma”, “Favourite chocolate with my favourite person,” and “So subtly done. Well done Anushka Sharma”


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