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Viral Video: AI generated Girl dance shakes up the internet on ‘Sajaunga Lutkar Bhi x Desperado’ remix; watch

Viral video: James Gerde, a versatile artist renowned for his filmmaking and photography, has recently embarked on a unique endeavor that merges art and technology in captivating ways. Through the power of artificial intelligence (AI), James has breathed life into statues, transforming them into dancing and animated figures that have taken the digital world by storm. A similar video has taken the internet by storm where the AI-generated dancing girl is grooving on ‘Sajaunga Lutkar Bhi x Desperado’ remix.

Bollywood meets AI



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Among James recent creations that have captured widespread attention is a statue animated to dance to a Bollywood medley. This AI-powered statue exudes effortless moves while grooving to the remix of Desperado and Sajaunga Lutkar Bhi. The fusion of iconic Bollywood melodies and AI technology adds an enchanting twist to traditional art, making it relatable and engaging for contemporary audiences.

Gathering significant attention

James innovative AI-powered animations have not only drawn admiration from art enthusiasts but have also garnered significant attention across social media platforms. One user commented, “Oh my gosh! Wow. Thank you for doing this.” Another user commented, “Finally a Indian song !!” One of them commented, “I love how you “modernise” mythical characters, amazing.” 


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