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Karachi to Noida trailer: Witness the story of Seema Haider with an unexpected twist; WATCH

Karachi to Noida trailer: The trailer for the film ‘Karachi to Noida,’ based on the story of Seema Haider, who immigrated to India from Pakistan, has been published. Seema’s character is named Saima Haider in the trailer, she is pretending to be a RAW agent. The trailer for the film was released on social media some time ago, which is fascinating. This has sparked outrage on the internet.

Watch Karachi to Noida trailer

‘Karachi to Noida’ is a film about Seema Haider and Sachin Meena’s love story whose trailer has wowed audiences. This is why the trailer gained thousands of views in a matter of hours. Amit Jani, the film’s producer, has published the trailer. Jayant Sinha directed the film. In this Seema Haider was seen as a RAW agent. When Pakistan learns about this, it causes a huge outcry. However, before this discovery, Seema returned to India.

A Gadar 2 actor will play a prominent role

In the film, Farheen Faler plays the part of Seema Haider. Aditya Raghav plays Sachin Meena in the film. In addition, Major Malik Rohit Chaudhary from ‘Gadar 2’ will appear in the film. In it, he plays the part of the Karachi Police Commissioner. Manoj Bakshi is portraying a Pakistani Army officer.

Seema Haider is a Pakistani woman who travelled to India via Nepal to meet Sachin Meena, her love. They met while playing the PUBG video game. Their love bloomed here, and Seema moved to Noida from Karachi. After being in the news multiple times, they are now married and living in Noida.


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