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Bride Groom Viral Video: WWE Match! Groom Forcefully Tries to Feed Sweets to the Bride; What Happens Next is Total Disaster

Bride groom viral video: Videos of weddings go viral online, inspiring viewers with their amazing displays of special moments. A wedding video that went viral online showed the bride and groom engaged in a comical and dangerous fight on the Varmala stage. The bride became upset after seeing the groom forcefully feed her, as seen in the video, but what happened next will shock you and cause a stir online. After the video became viral online, individuals began to respond to it in the comments. Look at the video that’s becoming popular on the internet;

Watch Bride groom viral video

When wedding videos go viral online, people are simultaneously startled and entertained. You will start to care for both of them after watching a recent popular video online that will make you laugh aloud. A bride and groom may be seen in this video engaging in the custom of giving each other candy while standing on the stage. First, while she feeds the husband candy, the bride tries to taunt him. He becomes enraged and violently feeds the bride as a result, but what follows shocked the internet. The bride in this video stunned the internet by falling on the ground while carrying out the ritual with force.

Netizens reacted to the video

The video stunned the internet because it showed the fight between the bride and groom on the stage. People were stunned to see the outcome of forcefully feeding the sweets. Many people started reacting to the video in the comments. One user wrote, “He’s just mad he’s gay and his parents made him marry her.”  Another user wrote, “That’s what you expect from arrange marriage.”


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