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Bride Groom Viral Video: Relative Teases Groom While Posing with Him on Stage, Dulha Turns Violent; Watch

Bride Groom Viral Video Went Viral Online and Internet Users Reacted to the Video.

Bride groom viral video: Wedding videos make rounds on the internet because they show unusual and unseen behaviour of relatives at weddings. A cheeky relative mocked the groom on stage at a lighthearted time at a wedding, capturing the attention of all the guests and going viral. Viewers were taken aback and delighted by the groom’s unexpected response. Watch the funny video to watch how the groom’s attitude changes in an instant from happiness to displeasure, making this wedding occasion unforgettable.

Watch Bride Groom Viral Video

Family members and visitors had gathered to witness the union of two souls as the wedding ritual began. During the celebrations, the groom was the target of an obnoxious relative who kept taking off his turban. What appeared to be a pleasant practical joke soon became a source of growing annoyance for the groom.

The groom’s ire reached a breaking point when the relative continued his bothersome behaviour. He finally took revenge, slapping the obnoxious relative, having had enough of the ongoing interference. Everyone was caught off guard by the abrupt outburst. A concerted effort was made to maintain control and soothe all parties. But the turmoil got out of hand because the intensity of the situation was too great.

Netizens reacted to the video

The video was shared on YouTube and it has garnered attention online on the video-sharing platform. People were stunned to see such behaviour of the relative towards the groom. Internet viewers condemned the behaviour of the relative.


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