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Bride groom viral video: Couple’s spellbinding dance on ‘Heeriye’ leaves the internet mesmerised; WATCH

The couple delivered the mesmerizing and gorgeous performance on the popular Bollywood song and their chemistry won everyone's hearts.

Bride groom viral video: These days, couples conduct one or more things at their wedding to make it more memorable. The videos of these events go viral on the internet because people like watching them. One such video, which shows a couple celebrating their marriage with a beautiful dance on ‘Heeriye,’ went viral recently. Everyone on the internet became a fan of the couple after watching their performance. Everyone is in awe of the couple’s dance abilities and gorgeous appearance. To support the bride and add beauty to the performance, the husband also participates in it.

Watch Bride groom viral video

The audience has always been enthralled by the couples’ dynamic and engaging dance routines, and this viral video is no exception. The internet is in awe of the image, which shows a couple dancing exquisitely. They looked fascinating together on the foot-tapping beats, and their gorgeous clothes further enhanced the attractiveness of the performance. Their chemistry is making waves on the internet. The amazing enthusiasm of the bride and groom is trending on the internet. The performance was well received by the audience, and the video went viral online very fast. The affection displayed in the video made it popular among viewers when it was uploaded on Instagram.

Netizens loved the performance

The video took the internet by storm and netizens started praising the dance performance delivered by the duo on the energetic beats. Their performance left the internet awestruck and they are garnering a lot of attention for the exciting performance that they have delivered on the foot-tapping beats of the song.


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