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Bride groom viral video: Couple’s Mesmerising performance on ‘Tere Bina’ is a heartwarming; WATCH

The video shows a couple dancing to the foot-tapping beats of the popular Hindi song. Their chemistry is leaving the internet spellbound.

Bride groom viral video: Couples‘ gorgeous and charming dance performances at their weddings always make netizens go crazy. Wedding dance performances are currently popular, and videos of the activity are going viral on the Internet. One of these videos has gotten a lot of attention on social media. It depicts a couple dancing to the popular Hindi song ‘Sabki Barate Aayi,’ and it raises the mark with its captivating and faultless dance performance. Their performance with each other was not to be missed, as she did it with vigour and grace.

Watch Bride groom viral video

The bride and groom’s dance performance went viral, and it spurred other couples to plan their own nuptials. In this viral video, a bride and groom dance to a popular Bollywood song. The song is popular online and many couples performed energetic and graceful dance performance. Their chemistry is enthralling, and the internet is at a loss for words. They both appear to be excellent dancers with excellent chemistry. Their emotions caught everyone’s attention and served as the primary focus of the film. The duo was praised for their best and most charming dance performance to the foot-tapping rhythms of the Bollywood song.

Netizens loved the dance

The video has gained a lot of attention on social media platforms and it left the netizens in awe of the wonderful and outstanding dance performance delivered by the bride and groom on the foot-tapping beats of the popular Hindi song.


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