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Bride groom viral video: Couple’s flawless dance on ‘Raatan Lambiyaan’ mesmerises the internet; WATCH

The song 'Raatan Lambiyaan' is famous for mesmerizing dance performances and this one was no exception as the duo graced the internet with their mesmerizing performance.

Bride groom viral video: Weddings are popular and special in every family because they are a stage of life on which we make memories. Dance performances became popular and necessary things at weddings. Couples make waves on the internet with their mesmerizing and flawless dance performance and these videos entertain the audience. A new video showed a couple dancing to the foot-tapping beats of the song ‘Raatan Lambiyaan.’ They showed energetic and flawless dance inside a room and grabbed a lot of attention on the internet.

Bride groom viral video: The couple performs brilliantly in the song

The bride and groom’s breathtaking dance routines never fail to cause a stir on the internet. This video, which showcases a sophisticated dance pair to upbeat music, is no different. Their chemistry was visible when they danced together, as they looked captivating. The two surprised the internet with their flawless performance and speech.

The pair gives a flawless performance to start the film, and as it goes on, they dance incredible feats to showcase their talent and chemistry. Their dancing routines are very graceful and intense. They looked amazing dancing to the romantic Hindi song.

Netizens reacted to the video

The video’s mesmerizing dancing performance caused it to go viral on the internet. Online viewers complimented the pair for their gorgeous appearance in response to the video. Their admiration and thanks poured into the comment section, as the couple’s performance was flawless.


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