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Bride groom viral video: Couple’s exceptional dance battle mesmerises the internet; Check out who wins

Bride groom viral video: Couples today are making their wedding day even more special by incorporating unique ideas, like performing popular dances. These videos are shared on social media and enjoyed by many. One recent video that has gained a lot of attention shows a couple dancing to romantic Hindi songs. They compete with each other while performing to the lively beat of the song ‘Raanjhanaa’. This dance has become very popular and is being widely shared on the internet as they are performing with ease and grace.

Watch Bride groom viral video

Wedding videos are popular on the internet as couples perform dance to make their wedding even more special. This viral video shows bride and groom dancing and battling each other on Hindi romantic songs and their dance performance is grabbing attention on the internet. The groom starts the performance with his energetic dance on ‘Raanjhanaa’ and the bride joins him after some time.

They both give competition to each other while grooving to the energetic beats and their dance is enough to take your heart away with ease. However, the bride and the groom are participating in a battle but their love is visible in every dance move which is making the video even more exciting.

Views on the video

The video has become a sensation online and it has garnered 64,924 views on YouTube. Online users are praising the dance performance in the comment section as the duo is raising the bar high and performing with full energy.


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