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Bride groom viral video: Couple and their group set the stage on fire with extraordinary dance on ‘Vele;’ WATCH

Bride groom viral video: Wedding videos always make rounds on the internet and netizens love these videos as they show extraordinary and mesmerizing dance performances. One such video is going viral on the internet which shows the bride and groom and their group dancing to the foot-tapping beats of the popular Bollywood song ‘Vele.’ The video is receiving a lot of attention and love on the internet for the dance.

Watch Bride groom viral video

The video was posted on Instagram on the account @aperinastudious and it has garnered a lot of attention. In the video, the bride and groom raise the dance bar high with their exceptional and spellbinding dance performance. Their group is dancing behind them including groomsmen and bridesmaids who are complimenting the couple with their energetic dance performance. Their moves are mesmerizing and leave the internet awestruck. The song is also famous for energetic dance performances because it has energetic beats and this video is no exception. Their coordination is next level and bridegroom’s chemistry is the main highlight of this viral video.

Netizens praise the dance performance

The video has garnered a lot of attention and praise on the internet. The comment section of the post is filled with love and appreciation. One user wrote, “Energy at a solid 2.” Another user wrote, “Love it!!! The brides dress is amazing.”


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