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Bride Groom Viral Video: Bride and her sisters perform brilliantly on ‘Kudi Nu Nachne De;’ WATCH

Bride groom viral video: Weddings are incomplete without a dance performance, and it is much more fascinating to witness the bride or groom do a specific dance for their better half. These videos are popular on the internet because people like seeing couples do unusual dances. One such video is becoming viral on the internet, and it shows the bride performing an intense and outstanding dance to the iconic Bollywood song ‘Kudi Nu Nachne De.’ Her dance is full of elegance and intensity, and she has the groom fascinated.

Watch Bride groom viral video

The bride begins her dance with vigour and continues to complement each rhythm with her dancing abilities. Her perfection demonstrates how hard she worked to perfect her dancing performance. She sent the groom into a frenzy with her flawless execution of every gesture. With their arrival, the bride’s sisters enhanced the beauty of the dance. As she showed flawless synchronisation, the bride received a lot of praise and attention on social media. The video also shows the bride’s and her sisters’ connection and affection. Their synchronicity demonstrated how hard they worked in preparation for the dance performance. Throughout the dancing performance, the bride used every opportunity to make the husband grin.

Netizens praised her dance

The video took the internet by storm and the bride garnered a lot of praise for her mesmerizing and energetic dance. Their mesmerizing and exceptional dance performance is being highly praised by netizens in the comment section of the post.


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