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Designer Masaba Gupta’s Dazzling Rejoinder to Online Critics of Her New Sunscreen – A Must-Read!

The Internet community has shown its ability to be a tough crowd to please, as evidenced by the recent trolling of designer Masaba Gupta’s just-introduced product – the Surya Namaskar sunscreen. The innovative product met with some criticism from a section of netizens who felt it fell short of their expectations.

Masaba’s Stylish and Feisty Response to Trolls

Unfazed by the incoming wave of criticism, the confident designer resorted to Twitter to voice her sentiments. Delivering an exemplary lesson in handling online trolling, Masaba countered one of the detractors with a response that was equal parts elegant and cheeky.

Masaba’s Powerful Message to the Online Community

The celebrity designer retorted, highlighting the authenticity of her Indian brand in a market often dominated by international agencies seeking to exoticize Indian elements. She boldly endorsed the efficacy of her product and offered to send a sample to the critic, prompting them to try the product before passing judgment.

Public Response to Masaba’s Rejoinder

Masaba’s spirited response was well received by the online community. Netizens expressed their approval, suggesting that the sunscreen’s name was fitting and did not warrant such negative attention. The discourse around the product and Masaba’s fitting reply highlights the broader debate around the acceptance of authentically Indian brands in the global beauty market.

In conclusion, Masaba Gupta’s retort not only defended her product but also underscored the significance of authenticity in the ever-evolving skincare market. By standing up to the critics, she has indeed set an example of resilience and conviction for other entrepreneurs. The Surya Namaskar sunscreen, available for Rs 750 on Masaba’s website, continues to chart its course in the beauty market, reflecting the designer’s unwavering confidence in her brand.

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