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Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot Insults Sumbul Touqeer, tells her to ‘Shut Up’

Bigg Boss 16: No one is unaware of what is happening between Bigg Boss 16 contestants, Shalin and Sumbul. This weekend, Sumbul’s father also reached the stage of Bigg Boss and he explained everything to his daughter but Sumbul still stood with Tina and Shalin. After that, some distance was seen between the three but in Monday’s episode those distances increased a bit and Shalin started talking aggressively with Sumbul.

Gautam was fired as the captain of the Bigg Boss house, with which Shiv and Priyanka were chosen. A dispute started between Shalin and Sumbul regarding this matter. Sumbul was repeatedly asking Shalin the same thing “When everyone’s name was being taken for the claim of captaincy, then you took the name of Shiv but why didn’t you take mine when you told me that I want to see you become the captain? ” However, Shalin was repeatedly answering that it was of no use because most of the people had taken the names of Shiv and Priyanka. But Sumbul stayed to her word.

Shalin says Shut Up

In the night, the situation between Shalin and Sumbul worsened even more. Shalin was telling Sumbul that I do not remember taking your name and it was of no use. But Sumbul was saying that if there was no benefit, then you should have spoken. Shalin got furious on this matter and started saying, “I don’t remember it, and there is no problem. If you need help, then tell me at that time, nothing will happen by first telling. Shut up.” After this, Shalin got up and left.

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Seeing this kind of behaviour of Shalin, Sumbul started crying. Nimrit handled her but Sumbul said, “I supported Shalin and Tina even after my father’s persuasion and I feel very bad for that.”  


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