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Bigg Boss 16: Sajid khan thinks that Abdu Rozik is all about ‘Yeda banke peda khana’, thinks he is Fake

Bigg Boss 16: The new season of Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss has started. A week has been completed for the new season of Bigg Boss. With everything changing in this season, the timing of Salman Khan’s class has also changed, which has been from Friday to Saturday. This time Salman Khan played the task with the members of the house on Saturday in which he did “Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed. In the first phase of this task, Salman Khan used ‘Saam’.

Sajid chose Abdu as a flop contestant

Salman Khan gave a task to the members of the Bigg Boss 16 house in ‘Saam’ in which they had to choose a “hit” member and a “flop” member. Ankit Gupta was the most flop member of the house and MC Stan was chosen as the top contestant. Meanwhile, Sajid Khan chose Abdu as a flop contestant and when he was asked the reason for this, Sajid said, “Yeh yeda banke peda khata hai” Sajid believed that Abdu does not understand anyone and the family members also do not understand him much and he take advantage of this thing. As Abdu is seen in the house that he lives with a lot of love even with the girls of the house, it gives him a lot of benefit that he is loved by everyone.

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Sajid Khan also gave an excuse to Abdu that he had chosen Captain Nimrit in his place in the party with Salman Khan, hence Sajid retaliated. But Sajid simply meant that Abdu takes advantage of being beloved.  

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