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Bigg Boss 16: Sajid Khan Gives the most unexpected advice to ‘Haryana ki Shakira’, Gori Nagori


Bigg Boss 16 is getting more entertaining day by day as many fights are being seen in the house of Bigg Boss 16 . Sajid Khan shares a special and strong bond with Gori Nagori, MC Stan, Shiv Thakare and Abdu Rozik. They also live in only one room because they are very close to each other. Shalin was irritating Bigg Boss for his chicken in the house as he said that he want a proper limit of protein in his diet. Shalin also claims that he has medical issues so he has to eat chicken.

Bigg Boss was irritated with Shalin Bhanot’s habit of asking for chicken continuously. Bigg Boss called him in the confession room and said that, “I have sent the ration of whole house and your chicken is included in that. If you want to it eat chicken then discuss with the housemates. I will not send chicken specially for you.” Shalin continues to interrupt Bigg Boss while talking. The contestants of the house says that he will not listen to Bigg Boss because he doesn’t listen to anyone, he will keep repeating this.

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Shalin convinced the contestants to give him chicken twice a day. Sajid and Gori goes to their room to take chicken for Shalin. Gori Nagori says that why are we giving chicken to him. We should keep this for ourselves because we need it. Sajid Khan says, “Hum apna chicken de dete hain. Logo ko khana khilana punya ka kaam hota hai.” (We should give our chicken. Feeding people is an act of virtue)


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