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Bigg Boss 16: Manya Singh says that Soundarya plays victim card and gets closer with the man in power, Details Inside

Bigg Boss 16: In Bigg Boss 16, the drama and action is increasing day by day. Bigg Boss is very active to make everything new this season and is leaving no chance to harass the contestants with twists and turns. The same will happen in the upcoming episode when Bigg Boss will tell all the housemates that they have bored Bigg Boss and now he want all the contestants to entertain Bigg Boss together. This simply means that Bigg Boss is going to give a task to the family members.

After this, Bigg Boss will give a gossip task to all the family members, in which all the housemates will be called one by one to the confession room and every gossip of the house will be heard from them. This task will start when the sound is played and as soon as it is played, one contestant will have to go to the confession room and tell the gossip of the house to Bigg Boss. During this, Manya Singh was seen gossiping about Soundarya Sharma.

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Manya tells Bigg Boss, “Soundarya doesn’t go close to boys for love, she is interested in developing friendship with boys who are in power in the Bigg Boss house like Shiva and Gautam. Soundarya was hanging out with Shalin till Gautam became the captain. But as soon as Gautam became the captain, she started playing the victim card and told Gautam that Shalin misbehaves with me.  

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