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Bigg Boss 16: It’s Archana Gautam vs The Housemates, Watch Video

Bigg Boss 16: Controversies and fights keep happening in the Bigg Boss house; ever since Archana Gautam returned to the house, she has started troubling all the contestants. In the latest episode, Archana started fighting with all the contestants over ration. Bigg Boss gave all the contestants a task to earn the ration for their rooms. There was a “Raja Ka Godaam,” and all of the ration was there for the contestants. Sajid Khan was the owner of that godown, and the contestants in different rooms were the thieves who have to stole food from the godown. It all depended on Sajid as to how much food they could steal, as there was a monitor in Sajid Khan’s room.  

Archana did not listen to anyone

Contestants from different rooms stole the ration; “room of six” came at the end. Archana Gautam was also a part of that room, and when Sajid Khan rang the alarm, Archana was filling food in her container. Sajid Khan and Archana Gautam got into a fight because Archana felt Sajid Khan wasn’t fair and didn’t give her enough time to fill her container with food. Archana starts discussing it with Soundarya Sharma, and suddenly she starts provoking Sajid Khan by telling him that he showed partiality with her. The contestants tell Archana that she was filling food in the container when the alarm rang, but she did not listen to anyone. Archana begins fighting with everyone; after entering her room, she begins fighting with Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta, claiming that they did not bring the proper food; they only brought fruits.

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It seems like Archana’s rebellious nature will end up being a bad thing for her, as she doesn’t listen to anyone when she starts a fight with anyone. However, it will be interesting to see what else Archana can do during the fight with the contestants.   DNP ENTERTAINMENT FOLLOW US:  FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM, and TWITTER.

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