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Bigg Boss 16: Is this the first Love Triangle of the House? Read to Know

Bigg Boss 16: Love stories have started as soon as the new season of Bigg Boss has started. Since the beginning of this season, love seems to be building between the contestants in the house of Bigg Boss 16. Earlier, in this new season, the love between some members was not shown as serious but now it seems that the matter is becoming serious. Few days back,we came to know that Gautam likes Soundarya but now it is becoming difficult for Gautam to find beauty as the atmosphere in the house seems to be changing a bit.

Soundarya kisses Shaleen, Gautam gets angry

Actually, Shaleen and Soundarya were exercising in the garden area of ​​Bigg Boss house and that’s when it happened that seems to be a love triangle between Shaleen, Gautam and Soundarya. Shaleen’s treadmill suddenly stopped running and after that Soundarya started laughing. After that, Shaleen told Soundarya that if this goes on then she will have to kiss. The treadmill started and Soundarya kisses Shaleen’s cheeks, after which Shaleen teases Gaurav by showing his cheek and Gaurav feels bad. Although Shaleen and Gaurav are close friends, Gaurav tells Tina that “I feel bad because he is my friend and is doing this to me. I don’t like all this.”

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Shaleen later on hearing all this also said that he will also fight with Gaurav for Soundarya. It will be interesting to see where this love triangle goes. Because Gaurav and Shaleen are very good friends.  

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