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Bigg Boss 16: Gori Nagori lashes out Sajid Khan, ‘Haryana Ki Shakira’ is disappointed with MC Stan and Shiv Thakare

Bigg Boss 16: Bigg Boss 16 contestant Gori Nagori was eliminated from the show this weekend after spending one month in the Bigg Boss house. Gori Nagori opened up about his journey and said that she enjoyed her journey but there was time when she was very unhappy inside the house and wanted to come out. Gori Nagori told in an Interview, “I enjoyed a lot in the house but I also felt lonely because I have never lived away from my family for one month. But it was good when I made friends and sad also when they betrayed me. It was kinda depressing.”

Bigg Boss 16: Gori lashed out Sajid Khan

Gori Nagori was told that Netizens were angry on Sajid Khan for making her wash his clothes. Gori Nagori said, “I have done once because I respect him but unhone toh haath hi pakad liya. He used to tell me to do his clothes on daily basis. He should have learnt that how to wash clothes his clothes before coming to Bigg Boss house.” When she was asked about Shiv Thakare then she said, “Who accha khel raha hai par abhi ganda khelne laga hai”

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Talked about MC Stan

Gori Nagori said that she is too caring about the friendship with MC Stan. She said that she is unhappy with how MC Stan is not taking stand for his friends. “I am unhappy with him. I always felt that we were selfless friends and we will continue this friendship. But now, he started playing games in the Bigg Boss house. He started thinking that nothing is better than playing game and I didn’t like it.” Gori Nagori also said that Archana Gautam was right when Sajid called Gori ‘a dancer’.  


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