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Bigg Boss 16: Are MC Stan and Sumbul Touqeer Trying to create a Rift Between Shalin and Tina?

Bigg Boss 16: It is very common to have a task in the Bigg Boss house. After these tasks, fights are also seen between the members of the house. Every contestant who comes to Bigg Boss house plays his game. Some contestants play the game with themselves and some with some other contestants. Something similar happened on Wednesday when there was a task in the house to change the room and after this there was a rift in Tina and Shalin’s friendship.

A rift was seen between Tina and Shalin

MC Stan, Sajid, Abdu and Gautam were given a task in which they could take anyone to their room. Regarding this task, all the contestants felt that Shiv, the newly elected captain of the Bigg Boss 16 house, is planning with everyone and wants to divide everyone. There was a discussion between Shalin and Tina about this task and later, there was a rift between them.



Tina said to Stan, “If he is not loyal to us, will he be loyal to you?” Stan talked to Shalin about this and said, “That girl is not for you brother. Now she told me that we are not trusting Shalin then how can you guys do it. When he is not loyal with us Then why would he be loyal to you? On this, Sumbul also said, “I was also about to tell that she does not think good for you but Stan told it now.”

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Hearing all this, Shalin broke down, he sat down and started speaking to Sumbul, “No one here is anyone’s own. Everyone just has to play the game. I was wasting my time unnecessarily. And some audience feel that by doing this MC Stan and Sumbul are trying to start a fight between the new Love birds of the house, that is Shalin and Tina! 


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